Create Great User Friendly Content that Google Likes [Video Tutorial]

You know that trillions of blogs are almost there and thousands of blogs and websites are creating in each day of your life. Blogging is such a work that really give enjoy for some people but most of the newbies leave it before originally stating blogging. They lose their energy and knowledge within two or three months. They lose their traffic for several reasons. You could also lose your traffic for creating same content or duplicate content. You might be blacklisted for this or for anything else.

You should always care about your readers instead of search engine. If you will write for search engine, you might lose your traffic. I have already faced this problem. I have written for search engine for more than one month after starting knowing about blogging and SEO. But that was really harmful for me. Then I used to put h1, h2 and h3 tags, a photo and more than 300 words. But the quality of my content was gone down. But I have realized that and started write for my readers and followers.

What you should write about?


Which things are must for your content?

Here is a check list for creating great content:-

Here is also a video from Google Webmaster that could give you the best in sense of creating user friendly content that Google really likes.

I am using these techniques for my own blog. Let us know which techniques you are using on your blog.

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