Code Language is A Windows 8 App to Talk in Code Language

You know Code Language is a very well performed term among stealthy people who are doing something clandestinely. But now a days, you might have to use it at various places. For instance, you are at a public place where your parents with you and you want to tell something to your friends. You can use code language at such like this situation. But forming a new code language is not yet so easy. Your secret language might be known for others. Isn’t?

So, you have to make a new language that will be told among you and your friend. At this situation, you can use Code Language. It’s a metro app of Windows 8. You can create simple code language which could not be understood to any unwanted people. But the puzzle is very easy so be aware.

What is the secret behind this tool?

When I created a code language for an example, I didn’t understand the puzzle as well. But after looking for a few while, it became very simple.

Suppose, you want to tell “I am a boy.” It will be said “K co c dq1”. That means, if you will “c” in the place of “a”. But if you press “y”, you will get “1” and “2” for “z”. That’s all!

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