Introducing Official Twitter App for Windows 8

You know that you can access your twitter account from various applications or by going to, the main web version of  Twitter. Twitter offers

several things those might be helpful for growing up a weblog or website or startup. In Facebook, you can share your friends’ posts and in Twitter, you can retweet any post and that will be just like “Share on Facebook”. One of some fabulous features could connect your Facebook profile with Twitter account. In this way, you can share your latest posts on Twitter and Facebook automatically.

As you know that Windows 8 is the latest Windows OS, there is no word to describe it in sense of features and appearance. Some features are really fantastic for any kind of people i.e. geek, normal guy, developer. You can access Twitter from TweetDeck, Rowi, Metro Twit but now you can access your Twitter profile from the official Twitter app. And I would recommend you to use this software instead of using other apps.

Introducing official Twitter app for Windows 8:-

The interface of this tool is something different from other tool. You could get a tile view inside your profile that will let you know everything i.e. followers, followings, tweets of your profile. In web version of Twitter, you can search anything by entering “@” or by hash tag. And that option is also available for this application.

Introducing Official Twitter App for Windows 8

<Click the Image to see it in large view>

At first, you might get an option by asking whether you want to run it in background or not.

Introducing Official Twitter App for Windows 8

And then everything will be discoverable and accessible. You can also add Geotag and picture with your tweet.

Introducing Official Twitter App for Windows 8

I think this little bit of piece is enough for now in sense of introducing the official Twitter app. Here is a video from Twitter blog which could give you more information.

Download Twitter App for Windows 8.

Source:- Official Twitter Blog

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