Get Add-ons Memory Size Details of Firefox using “about:addons-memory”

You know that Firefox is one of those trusted web browsers for both computers and mobiles. Some eye catching Firefox add-ons have attracted users’ attention so much. Few built-in features are really awesome. Most of the official purposes, Firefox and Internet Explorer are the two main web browsers to surf internet. The most recent version of Firefox has instigated HTML 4 & 5, XML, XHTML, MathML, CSS and more. That means you can browse internet with a great looks, just like Chrome.

You know that over memory could create problems and your browser might occur crashes. In this way, you will lose your data from your browser. If you browse the Firefox Support blog, you can find so many crashes reports those have appeared in various times.

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If you are using Firefox, there is no doubt that you have installed few couples of add-ons. Isn’t? 20-30 MB of memory will not create any problem but if you have 100-150 MB in size, you might face some problems i.e. hang. So, you should optimize this memory size and in some cases you might have to uninstall one or two add-ons from your browser. And today I am just going to tell you a trick which will let you help to know everything about your add-ons size.

How to get add-ons memory size details?

There is an add-on called about:addons-memory. It will open another about page after installing this plugin. Before installing, it will show you an error page.

You will come across a screen that might looks something like the following picture.

<Click the image to see it in large view>

There will be some memory details of your installed add-ons. Click the Minimize memory usage to compress the memory size.

Get Add-ons Memory Size Details of Firefox using “about:addons-memory”

I think, this little bit of piece is enough for now.

Download about:addons-memory. (Firefox Add-ons directory)

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