How to Restore Previous Session in Firefox to Get Accidentally Deleted Tabs

This is a common thing that you might lose your every opened tab if you will close your browser deliberately or by anything else. After doing so, now you have most probably three ways to get your previous session. You can get it from browsing history page. But here is a problem. If you have selected Never Remember History option, there is no chance to get those inadvertently closed tabs from history page.

After considering the above method, now you have only two ways and all those ways would certainly help you go get your previous session in Firefox.

How to get previous session in Firefox?

All those ways are very easy to finish. Generally, Firefox shows a confirmation dialogue when you will close your browser after opening more than one tab. But here is also alternative delinquent. Suppose, you have unchecked the box that says Warn me when I attempt to close multiple tabs previously. If you have done so, no confirmation message will be appeared when you or someone will close your browser.

Restore Previous Session in Firefox

But if you follow my ways, no problem will be appeared to restore your previous session of Firefox.

Method 1:

If you have not set any particular page as homepage then it will be very easy and not yet so time spender. After closing your browser, just click the Restore Previous Session from the bottom of your default home page. But if you have chosen your favorite page such like as your homepage, you have to something more.

Restore Previous Session in Firefox

Now click the Firefox button and navigate to the Options. Then press the Restore to Default button to get back your default home page and then click the Restore Previous Session like before.

Restore Previous Session in Firefox

Method 2:

This is quite easy than above method. Just click the Firefox button and hove your mouse on History. Then press the Restore Previous Session.

Restore Previous Session in Firefox

That’s all! I assume these tricks could help you very much.

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