Top 5 Money Making Strategies for Your Blog

Blogs have become a popular communication force in the past decade. The challenge that many blog owners face is monetizing their blog. While hobbyists often don’t create a blog for the purpose of earning money, many others want a paycheck for their efforts.

Below are way moneymaking strategies used to turn a blog into a profit center.

Method: 1

Promote and charge for advertising on your blog. There are several different types of advertising being used on blogs today. Much like newspapers and magazines, blogs can charge for advertising as a method for creating revenue. Pay-per-click or PPC as it is called by industry professionals is one form of advertising that blogs utilize regularly with success. As the name implies, the blog owner is paid based on the number of clicks on an advertisement.

Google AdSense leads the pack as the advertising PPC vehicle of choice. It is easy to use and set up. Even though the popularity of Google AdSense is undeniable, there are some negative issues that evoke criticism. The terms and conditions of this Google product are considered restrictive. Another common complaint is that Google does not pay out advertising revenues until $100 (first time) in revenues are earned. Other PPC companies hoping to give Google AdSense some competition are Microsoft PubCenter, WidgetBucks, Chitika, Yahoo Publisher Network, and Clicksor.

In addition to PPC advertising, blog owners can also charge for RSS ads and text ads. Each type of advertising is pleasing for a different reason. Text ads don’t take up much room and most systems let the blog owner control over which ads they accept. RSS ads are growing in popularity as more people use the RSS feed to read blogs.

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Method: 2

Affiliate programs offer blog owners the unique opportunity to act as a referral agent to promote other businesses. Amazon is one of the most popular affiliate programs that can be very lucrative for many bloggers. One noteworthy aspect of working with Amazon is that you can select from thousands of Amazon products when deciding what product will align best with your particular blog audience.

Method: 3

Finding paying sponsors are also an excellent way to earn money with a blog. Once a blog is established and has proven traffic, there are sponsors willing to pay for ads. Businesses likely to agree to this type of arrangement are those that feel like the blog readership shares the same demographics as the company’s customers.

Method: 4

Selling subscriptions works well for certain types of blogs as a way to earn income. Business blogs that publish detailed information designed to help business managers solve problems can often command a paid subscription. Other specialty blogs such as medical blogs can also charge subscription fees.

Method: 5

Setting up to sell merchandise on a blog is also a good method for cashing in on a blog. T-shirts customized to the audience is always a good possibility. Caps, stickers and other inexpensive merchandise relevant to the blog audience also sell well as impulse items on a blog.

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