How to Disable Warning Message of about:config in Firefox

You know that Firefox has a built-in control panel that might control your entire browser. You can change various default things from this control panel where a particular option finding is quite difficult. Because, you cannot find a particular option in their own and accurate name. And if you write even one wrong word, you will not find your particular option any more. Actually, this control panel cannot be found in other web browser. And for this tiny control panel, Firefox has beaten some web browsers.

If you enter about:config in your URL bar, a security message will be appeared on your screen that might look something like the following picture.

If you uncheck the box that says Show this warning next time and go on with I’ll be careful, I promise!, you cannot find that alert in net time. This is one of those two methods to disable warning message of about:config. You can do it only when you are quite experienced with this control panel or when you have not so enough time on your hand to see that message again and again.

I know the above method is the quickest method to turn off the warning message. But here is a problem. What? As you have unchecked that option to disable, when you really need it in future for safety purpose, you cannot enable it again. So, at such like this situation, you have to know the second method.

What is the second method?

This process will be done through that secret control panel of Firefox. So, at first, type about:config to go to the control panel and make a search for general.warnOnAboutConfig. by default, the value of  general.warnOnAboutConfig is set as true. You just have to toggle it.

Disable Warning Message of about:config in Firefox

That’s all! Now, you cannot find the warning message again. If you want to turn it on again, just do the reverse.
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