Why do Some People Dislike WordPress

Why some people dislike WordPress when undeniably WordPress is the greatest blogging platform that might succor you to figure out a famed blog within couple of years. I do also prefer this platform to start your blog. Every pro bloggers always start their blog either on WordPress or on self-made .asp scripts. If you make a search on Google by typing “which is the best blogging platform”, 95% answers will go with WordPress. But there are also some people aka newbies who do not like this platform. There might be tons of problems but today we will just tell only 4-5 reasons.

Why do some people dislike WordPress?

Price /Cost:

Its the first and the biggest problem for new bloggers who have just started blogging before two or three months. I have also a friend who did start blogging before 4-5 months. But due to financial reason, he stopped his blogging carrier on self hosted WordPress. You know that every hosting providers need money in every month to continue your hosting. Sometimes they also offer one time payment. But this is quite difficult to spend so much money for a school student. At first, they buy hosting from a reputed hosting provider without thinking twice in terms of monthly bill. So, after a few days their provider discontinues their hosting and for that they dislike WordPress.

Lack of Programming Knowledge:

Why do Some People Dislike WordPress

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This is the second reason why people dislike WordPress. You know that if you want to add your pages in your sidebar of your blogger blog, you just have to add the page widget in your sidebar when same task will have to be done through coding in WordPress. If you are a normal guy like me, it will be quite difficult to do so. Or if you want to create an archive page manually, you must have sufficient knowledge of php. Or if you want to trim your theme, php, HTML,css are the must have programming languages those could help you to customize your theme. But most of the new blogger do not have so much knowledge of those languages.

So much options, so much clutter:

Yes, it’s the third reason for that lazy people stop using WordPress within a few days. You know that WordPress has tons of options so that lazy people might have problems. And for the same reasons, they choose Google Blogger because it has not so options comparing with other blogging platforms. But believe me, those options will take up to 1-2 days to make out and set them up rightly. Right setting could give lot of vicissitudes in your blog.

So much plugin and themes, so much headache:

This reason is quite similar as above. There are so many premium theme and plugin providers. So, this is quite confusing to choose a theme and plugin for your blog. But this is not a huge problem.


Generally, Google Blogger is associated with your Google Account and that’s why you can use two step verification for signing in. In this way you can be safe and secure from hijackers. But if you are a WordPress user, this is quite difficult to protect your blog admin panel along with hosting control panel. Mainly hackers target WordPress blog more than other blogs. I don’t know why but it is true. That’s why people dislike WordPress very much.

What’s next?

Next is nothing. According to me, you should still use WordPress after eliminating the first problem. This is my own view. Do let us know whether you dislike WordPress or not via comment.

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