Facebook Page Promoter Lightbox – Popup Facebook Like Box for WordPress

There are so many free WordPress plugins to show a popup like box but Facebook Page Promoter Lightbox is quite different from others. I think, several famous blogs are using this plugin on their professional blog to increase your Facebook fan page likes within a few couple of days. Generally, most of the plugins may create clutters for your readers because pop-up features might take a few seconds more to load a page. Generally, I would not suggest you to must use it but if you really want to grow your Facebook likes, you can give Facebook Page Promoter Lightbox a try. Even I am also thinking to give it a try because it really attracted my attention.

You know that Facebook could send you huge traffic for your blog through your Facebook Group and Fan page. On other end, Facebook is the largest social networking website which has over 800 million active users and all those users helped Facebook to topped up Google in terms of Global Ranking (according to Alexa).

Facebook Page Promoter Lightbox – Set it Up:-

This is very easy to install and you can also install it from WordPress Dashboard. After installing it, you will find an additional tab in your left pane. Go with that and the below screen will be appeared;

Do Check:

Just enter your Facebook fan page username. You can find versedtech as a username because my username is versedtech. From the next settings you can set the location where you want to show you Facebook like box. After that save your settings and reload your page.

You will find something like the below screenshot.

Facebook Page Promoter Lightbox

That’s all! Which plugin you are using on your blog? is it Facebook Page Promoter Lightbox?

Feel Free to share your thoughts in the comment section below.
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  • Abhinav Jain

    I think Popup Facebook Like Box is a bit annoying. For example when ever i visit any website i would like to read post or topics on that website and if i like the website/blog then i would definitely like it on facebook. But with popup the moment i visit a website the facebook like box popups and it is annoying, how can you ask me or user to like me before reading or knowing about website.

    • Versed Tech

      Thanks Abhinav for giving your opinion. You are little bit right that if people like your blog/post, he /she will definitely like your blog on Facebook. Stay tuned to get more tutorials.

    • Arevico

      @Usman We decided to add those features in the premium version because configuring it is more complex than it is to configure the free version. With it, comes a lot of more customizations for mobile devices, colors and much morem

      @ Abhinav Jain. You can set the delay to a high treshold: 10.000ms-20.000 (10s-20s) which is often enough for a visitor to skim trough the content and judge wether or not they find it usefull.

      • Versed Tech

        Thanks Arevico for helping our readers with your knowledge.

    • I also agree with Abhinav. It’s bit annoying. But people may like it. That’s why several popular bloggers go ahead with it.

  • Usman

    I have added this popup fancy box in my site and its working fine, but is this possible that when a user liked the page the popup dont show? is this possible? if it is, can anyone tell me how to do it?

    • Versed Tech

      Sorry sir. I am also looking for the solution. When I will get the solution, I will update this post with that info.

      • Usman

        I have searched for it for a lot of times, the thing is that there is only one plugin available of this kind and his developers are selling this solution so if i buy this plugin then they provide me this functionality to do what ever i want to.
        We have to find an ultimate solution for this, i think i hav eto do some code changes in this pugin 🙂

  • Dawood Ahmad Shahid

    Hello .. I Installed facebook Page Promoter Plugin And I Am Using This Plugin .
    And This Is A Nice Plugin But I Am Facing A Problem . This Plugin Dont Send Pop Up On My Home Page …. Why ?
    My site :www.crossfitrevolute.com.au

    • Versed Tech

      Sir, there is a settings box (Arevico Settings) for this plugin. You can find it in your left pane. Just go to there and make sure that you have checked On Homepage.

  • Julio

    Cara , eu instalei esse plugin , mais no meu site , nao aparece no meio , fica la no fundo do site. È vc nao consegue desce pra la o programa nao deixa

  • Idekita.info

    thank’s for share plugin like box pop up 🙂

  • Korea Terbaru

    Thanks, For share 🙂

    • Versed Tech

      Keep visiting to get more tutorials.

  • jane