How to Import Facebook Feed to Feedly

This tiny how to guide will aid you to import facebook feed to Feedly so that you can read your favorite blog updates along with Facebook notifications. You know that Feedly is one of the best Google Reader alternatives in this current days. On other end, facebook is the largest social networking website which has millions of daily active visitors. Meanwhile, you could get also so mnay visitors for your weblog from Facebook. Till now, everything is Ok. But suppose, you want to read your favorite blog from Feedly (since Google Reader will be unavailable) and you also don’t want to miss even one Facebook notification. Suppose, you are in a group where you and your friends are disscussing with an interesting topic. At such like a situation, what you will do to get updated with both? I tihnk, you can import Facebook feed to Feedly to fulfill your demand.


How to Import Facebook feed to Feedly?

This is very easy and not yet so time spender too. At first go to here (Chrome, Safari and Firefox) and add Feedly to your browser.

Then go to here and click the RSS button.

How to Import Facebook Feed to Feedly

After that copy the link from your URL bar.  Then Sign in to Feedly with your Google Account and press the Search button.

Do Check:

How to Import Facebook Feed to Feedly

Then paste the copied URL to the empty box that has been disclosed after pressing the Search button. After a few seconds, you will find a screen something like the following picture;

How to Import Facebook Feed to Feedly

Then click the Add button. After that, you can place your Facebook feed either existed category or you can create new category. Hence, you will have to press the Add button.

How to Import Facebook Feed to Feedly

That’s all! I think, this little bit of piece will help you very much.

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  • Sean

    Thanks! That worked perfectly.

  • svhoyle

    The facebook feed I want are my lists. It has the rss symbol not the actual rss verbiage. How do i get that into my Feedly?