How to Get Windows 8 Win + X Menu is Windows 7

If you have used Windows 8 previously, this is very much known for you that you can get a huge menu bar after pressing Win + X. There are so many shortcuts of Run, Windows Explorer, Task Manager, Programs and Features, Control Panel, File Explorer and more. It is sad to say that you cannot get it in Windows 7 or any other versions of Windows until you have not used any third party tool or Registry scripts. But yes, you can get it in two different methods.

  • Using Registry Scripts.
  • Using a Third party Tool.

Today we will show you how and which software could help you in this case. Thanks to AskVG for giving this info that Windows version doesn’t not matter in this situation in order to get Win + X menu n Windows 7.

Meet WinPlusX 4.0 which can do it for you within moments. There might have so many tool for doing the same thing but I have chosen since it is very easy to use and it comes with less options. So, anyone can use it without understanding anything in terms of handling. Since, it’s a portable app for Windows 7, there is no need to install it on your machine. After running it on your system, you can press the button those say Win + X. You will come across a screen like this which is similar as Windows 8’s Win + X menu.

You can also add or remove shortcuts by following the below picture.

Get Windows 8 Win + X Menu is Windows 7 using WinPlusX

I think this little bit of piece will help you very much. If you have any other query regarding to this WinPlusX, feel free and ask us.

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