An Android App to Create Backup and Manage Application

There is a lot of applications for this identical function and today we will again give some important info about an all in one tool that is called AppSaver+App2SD. Everyone could be tried it out because it is available for free and it is available for almost every phones (it needs 2.2+).

It is a multi-purpose application which has a lot of features.


  • Create backup in bulk or selected apps
  • Send apps to your SD card from phone (available for only movable apps)
  • Uninstall apps
  • Restore the backup again in bulk or selected

Let’s check AppSaver+App2SD:-

After opening it on you mobile, you can find a screen something like below screen;

There are four tabs i.e. BACKUP, APP2SD, UNINSTALL and RESTORE. The BACKUP tab works as it says. That means you can create backup in bulk or selected apps. It will automatically save in your internal storage until you have no external storage.


To get restored your backup, just go to the RESTORE tab. There from you can find your previously created backup.


You can send movable application(s) to your SD card from the APP2SD tab and the last and final tab, UNINSTALL will help you to uninstall hidden and battery killer application from your phone.

I think this little bt of piece is enough for now.

Download AppSaver+App2SD :- Free | Paid

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