Super Optimize for Android – One of the Best System Optimization

You know that I have previously brought in some other battery and total phone optimization tools such like All in One Toolbox, Battery Dr Saver, Optimal Battery Saver and more. While these apps are adequate for your smartphone, you can also give Super Optimize a try so that you will be able to measure up to them effectively.

Features of Super Optimize:-

  • Save power via managing battery.
  • Ultimate system management
  • Apps uninstaller
  • Clear Cache and History
  • Move movable apps to SD Card
  • Volume Management
  • Brightness management
  • Battery Management & More

As you have seen that it could do anything in order to optimize your phone, turn your attention here and take a brief look on them.

Super Optimize user guide:-

You can find your Rom and Ram as a opening screen. There are three different tabs those are called Optimization, Process and Cache. In Optimization tab, you can find an Optimize button. All unnecessary processes will be stopped by pressing this button and you will get some additional Ram space. In the Process tab, you can find your running features that include all your system tools too. From the Cache tab, you can get more free space by clearing the apps cache.

Here is not the end, you will get more tools to optimize by pressing the Menu button from the top left side.

Just go with an option that you need. I mean, if you want to manage your screen brightness, press the Screen Brightness button. In this way you can do anything with this tool.

Download:- Super Optimize (Google Play)

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