How to Share Your Computer Data Connection with Android using Virtual Router [Updated]

“Sharing is Caring” this statement holds a lot of relation and when it comes to internet sharing, I would recommend you to use Virtual Router. Virtual Router could help you to share your computer data connection over Wi-Fi with any kind of mobile that supports Wi-Fi.

You know that Wi-Fi router can do the same thing but for that you will have to disburse few dollars to purchase a Wi-Fi router in order to contribute to your data connection. You can use this trick in Windows 7 (tested), Windows 8 and Windows Server 2008. Though there might have also few techniques to share internet connection over Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, data cable and others, today I am going to give sufficient info that will be done through Wi-Fi technique.

It will help you build a Wi-Fi hotspot at your home. Check what you need for doing so.

Requirements for setting up Wi-Fi hotspot using Virtual Router:-

  • Windows 7 on your laptop
  • Smart device that supports Wi-Fi (today I will show you in Android)
  • Virtual Router
  • Microsoft Virtual Wi-FiMiniport
  • A good data connection in your PC (laptop)

How to convert your laptop into a Wi-Fi hotspot using Virtual Router?

At first, make sure that your laptop adaptor for data connection is shared. You can check it at here – Control Panel\Network and Internet\Network Connections. Then download Virtual Router on your PC and Wi-Fi Finder in your Android device to search for Wi-Fi hotspot.

After that, open the software and enter a password (must). Hence, press the Start Virtual Router.

It takes a few moments to start the hotspot. After that, make a search for Wi-Fi hotspot from your mobile.

Virtual Router

After getting the connection, it requires a password. Enter the password that you have entered in the Virtual Router.

Virtual Router

Now connect your mobile to that hotspot and let’s enjoy.

To stop the hotspot, just open the Virtual Router and press the button that says Stop Virtual Router.

Virtual Router


You might face a problem when you will go to use it on your computer. I came to know about this problem via a reader of our blog. The problem is as follows;

When you will go to connect your Android device, it may show you that it is obtaining IP address. 

To get rid of this particular problem, you can use the following tutorial;

1. Turn on computer wifi, this will display Microsoft Virtual Mini Port in Control Panel >> Network and Internet >> Network Connections
2. Share 3G wireless terminal via its property to Virtual Mini Port Name above
2. Run netsh wlan set hostednetwork mode=allow ssid=myssid key=mypassword keyUsage=persistent
3. Run netsh wlan start hostednetwork
4. Connect via android wifi and after 2-3 secs ‘Obtaining IP Address’ is gone. Connected

Thanks Arief who is the original founder of this valid solution. Meet with Arief at here.

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