How to Share Your Internet Explorer Data across Multiple Computers or Browsers

You know that Internet Explorer (IE) is a commercial web browser that is used in official purposes. For its slow service or browsing, it is not famous between any others. Suppose, you are also using IE for a bit long and now you are bored to use it anymore on your PC. Though there might have various reasons behind this, the question is, how you can move or share your Internet Explorer data to another browser. Or if you want to run a spring cleaning inside your PC, you will lose all your data of your entire computer. This trick of Internet Explorer will solve all your problems by exporting your data in other PC.

No matter if you will sell your PC or remove your browser or upgrade your browser but you will still get all your existing browsing history, bookmarks instantly by doing these following steps. It will not take any assistance of a third party tool.


I did in IE 10. I am not sure whether it is working on other version of IE or not. Please check it yourself and let me know.

How to export Internet Explorer data?

This is very simple and not yet so time spender. At first open your Internet Explorer 10 and press the Alt button. It will disclose a new menu bar which includes File, Edit and more. Click the File tab and select Import and Export.

Hence, a screen will be appeared which asks you what you want to export from there.

Internet Explorer Data

Select it and choose Export to a file from the next window.

Internet Explorer Data

Then go forward and it will give you some files /folders of corresponding selection.

Now you have almost done your exportation task. As these files /folders are movable, you can send them to anywhere you wish.

How to import data in Internet Explorer?

Again do the same. I mean go to the selection window and select what you want to import. But in this case, you will have to select Import from a file. Hence, you will need to select that particular file from your PC.

Then make sure your task.

That’s all! Happy sharing.

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