How to Hide a Particular Library Folder from Windows Explorer Navigation

You know that Windows Explorer is a part of Windows that includes or from there you can access all your existed folders i.e. My Computer, Library Folder and others. There is also a navigation pane in the left side of your Windows Explorer which contains all your folders what I have mentioned above.

Windows is the most popular and easy to use operating system for computer and now a days it is also available for phone. You can easily do anything what you need from this OS. I have brought up so many tips and tricks for Windows 7 and Windows 8 in this blog. Considering those, today I am going to tell you something more which could be useful for both Windows 7 and Windows 8 (tested) users.

As I have mentioned that this navigation pane is very much helpful for every kind of users, I will not tell anything about it. But you know that all default things are not so good. Sometimes, we need to customize to get most out of our personal things. And this customization is one of those. By default Windows Explorer shows Documents, Music, Videos and more in this pane. But suppose, there is no need of the Documents or Pictures folder. At this condition, you can make use of this method which will disentangle your problem.

How to hide a particular Library folder from Windows Explorer navigation?

However, it looks very easy to hide. At first, select the folder which you want to hide. Then right click on it and go to Properties of that.

Hide a Particular Library Folder from navigation

Just uncheck the option that says Shown in navigation pane. Then Apply it.

Hide a Particular Library Folder from navigation

Hence, if you want to re-enable it, just go to the same arena and check that option before applying changes.

Hide a Particular Library Folder from navigation

That’s all! Hope this little guide let you help very much.

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