How to Kill Task Automatically in Android Using Automatic Task Killer

Though there are so many apps for Android those could do the same thing, today I am going to show you how an Automatic Task killer will work on your Android device in order to kill a particular app. Kill an app or process is not an unique task but when it comes to kill the same app or process automatically, you should use a third party tool which is available in Google Play.

By killing a task, you can save some memory (RAM). It may also help you to make your phone faster. Actually, I have seen that there are some people who install and run 10-11 application simultaneously. It may be a reason of slowing down your mobile. To solve this issue, I have previously introduced several apps such like All in One Toolbox, Du Battery Saver and more others. And I think an automatic task killer could again help you a lot.

When you can use this kind of app?

Suppose you have enabled Wi-Fi on your Android. But due to some reason, your device cannot detect a WI-Fi hotspot and hence, you are unable to do something in order to browser internet. And now you want to take a break for a few while. According to me, you should disable the Wi-Fi on your Android to save battery. But most of the times, we do not do so. Isn’t? In this way we lose so much power of our battery. But if you use this kind of applications, there is nothing to worry in order to disable the Wi-Fi or Bluetooth or anything else. Whenever, your screen will lock, this tool automatically disable that feature.

How to kill task automatically?

Meet Automatic Task Killer which can stop specific task or app or built-in process when your screen will lock down. After opening it, it will show you all running tasks /apps and that list also includes your built-in applications.

This tool allows you to kill a task either manually or automatically. To kill a task manually, you need to select (though it is for both) from the menu.

Automatic Task Killer

Otherwise, if you want to kill an app during screen lock, you need to select apps from the start screen. This tool also contains a settings page where from you can set it up as your wish.

Automatic Task Killer


Do not enable this software if you are doing something important in your phone because it will kill that app /process whenever your screen will lock or dim.

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