How to Make Larger the First Letter of Your WordPress Blog

You know that WordPress is the most reliable blogging platform aka software that holds two type of platforms i.e. and (self hosted WordPress). But I have seen that no blogging platform is SEO friendly until you are not doing something with that in order to make it SEO friendly. For example, suppose you are writing a post and if you do not care about SEO, your content will not take the first page of Google Search Engine or any other search engines. Although there are also many factors behind a good article but the original script is the main source to find a result in a good position. However, that is a different story when it comes to decorate an article as enough as possible.

To attract more visitors, you will need to do mainly two things.

  1. You should write a SEO friendly content with a eye-catchy title.
  2. You should decorate your article with some additional scripts, pictures or by doing anything else.

For doing so, you can make use of Flickr or any premium picture providers to add a related image so that you can grab more readers. On other end, you can also decorate your article by doing some tweak. As a reference, just take this article. I have tried a few tricks to do so before implementing that plugin but all those did not work successfully. I don’t know whether it will harm or not to make larger the first letter of your WordPress posts (paragraphs) but you can use a plugin to do so.

Meet Drop Caps which can do what you want. Though this plugin hasn’t been updated for around 2 years but still works smoothly with the latest version of WordPress. It will help you to make the first letter bigger than other letters of all your posts.

How to make larger the first letter of your posts using Drop Caps?

After installing it (You can use any FTP Client to upload this plugin to wp-content/plugins directory or you can install this plugin from WordPress dashboard.) navigate to the following arena;

Settings >> Drop Caps

There from you can set it up properly. For example, if you want to show this kind of letters only in posts or excerpts, just fill the radio button of corresponding option. Then make sure your changes.

Make Larger the First Letter of Your WordPress Blog

That’s all! Hope this plugin will help you a lot.

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