How to Change the Appearance of Twitter [Google Chrome Extension]

You know that Google Chrome is popular for its brilliant extensions those have been written by third party developers. You can easily install them and use them right from your browser. On other end Twitter is also a well-performed social networking website for webmasters as well as bloggers. I have previously introduced so many extensions for this browser. For example, if you want to edit a tweet before retweeting, you can use Classic Retweet or if you want to see the included image of a tweet, you can use Previeweet and so on.

However, you know that Twitter is a beautiful social networking website that has a glossy looks. According to me, the looks of Twitter is the best comparing with other sites. But sometimes, it makes clutter in my timeline because of so many options. So, since very past week, I have been searching for a client like Carbon or anything else for PC that could replace those messes instantaneously. After a few search, I have just come across to a Google Chrome extension that will aid you to clean up your Twitter timeline. If you are facing the same problem like mine, just follow this guide.

How to change the appearance of Twitter?

Meet Twipster that will do what I have mentioned above. It will replace all those messy options with a simple background. As it has not so options for setting up, everyone can use it if he/she is a user of Google Chrome.

How to use Twipster?

As I have mentioned that there is nothing to do except adding it to your browser, just activate it and refresh your twitter timeline. You will get the result instantly.

If you want to change the size of font, just go to the setting page of this extension.

That’s all! I hope this extension could help you very much. Follow me of Twitter to get recent tweets.

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