How to Edit System Screensaver of Windows 7, 8 and Vista

You know that Windows 7, Windows 8 and Windows Vista are the top most Windows operating systems which has been using on millions of computers. Along with this, every Windows OS has their style of screensavers and that is difficult to edit the appearance of those screensavers. But I am little sure that there are some tricks or developers those could edit those screensavers according to their own wish. Anyway, as that trick is unknown for me, I would like to introduce a software that will do the same within moments. But you cannot edit all of them. Bubbles, Ribbons, Mystify, Aurora can be edited by this tool which is developed by Winaero.

You now that all those Windows OSs are popular for their own features. As a reference, Windows 8 is famous for its metro UI and on other end, Windows 7 is famous for its appearance. Although every screensaver is very good looking but if you do not like them anymore or if you want to decorate them according to your plan, you can make use of this tutorial.

How to edit system screensaver?

Meet System screensavers tweaker which may perhaps aid you as enough as possible. It will work on only those four mentioned screensavers and as Winaero has not developed it for Windows 8, you can edit two or three screensavers those are common with other two operating systems.

How to use System screensavers tweaker?

After running it on your PC, you will come across to the following windows.

Edit System Screensaver

Just increase or decrease the value of speed, brightness and others. Hence, you will need to press the Apply button.


You know that Bubbles is one of the best screensaver that is available for all Windows versions. The default screensaver looks like the following picture;

Edit System Screensaver

I have done something through this tool and then the screensaver becomes the following image;

Edit System Screensaver

That’s it! Hope this tool will help you a lot.

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