How to Hide Installed Updates Page Using Group Policy Editor in Windows 8

If you are talking about the title, I would like to say that there is no superior purpose behind this procedure that let you hide Installed Updates page from others. Generally, if you are using internet on your PC, your PC will automatically starts updating of your installed drivers and other files until you are not discontinue that by yourself. The Installed Update Page could be found in Control Panel/All Control Panel Items/Programs and Features/Installed Updates and it looks something like the following image;

You can also uninstall a particular update if you are facing problems due to that. But this technique will not uninstall it from your machine. It will just hide the page by saying an error message.

Hide Installed Updates Page

Why should you use Group Policy Editor?

Though I have previously mentioned that Group Policy Editor is such reliable feature of Windows operating system that could control your entire PC, I am going to tell you why you should use Group Policy Editor again. You know that Group Policy Editor is an integrated feature and any in-built feature doesn’t abuse any machine as they are made to give support. But if you will use any third party tool (I don’t know whether there is any software or not for this purpose.), you might be fall in trouble. Though the page that is known as Installed Updates page is not so sensitive but you should always care of your machine from harmful tools.

Can I do it in Windows 7 or any other versions of Windows?

I think you can use it on Windows 7 but I do not know whether this trick will be working on other versions or not.

How to hide Installed Updates Page?

However, it is not yet so difficult than you think. To get started, open your Group Policy Editor and navigate to the following options;

User Configuration >> Administrative Templates >> Control Panel >> Programs

Pick out Hide “Installed Updates” Page from here. Double click on it and change the setting. By default, the setting is Not Configured. But you will need to Enable it. Hence, make sure your changes.

Hide Installed Updates Page

That’s all!

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