Why you should buy a Premium WordPress theme

Though Google Blogger has also so many premium themes but today I am going to give you some suggestions which may help you to buy a premium WordPress theme. You know that WordPress has so many good looking themes which are free of cost. In other hand, there also so many premium themes which are not good looking but I still suggest you to buy those themes instead of using any free theme.


Actually WordPress is too much SEO friendly than Blogspot but in some cases, there are so many blog which are now down due to its free theme as those are not so SEO friendly. But if you buy a premium theme, you can get many facilities which are just unavailable in free themes.


If you check your free theme through Theme Checker, you can find many warnings, errors, recommendations and so on. Some of them are good for you when you can also find many suspicious links in those warning and errors. But if you buy a premium theme, you can also find links but all those are so good for you and these may help you for better ranking.


You can get the latest features in all premium themes when you have to add them manually in your free themes. There are also so many updates which are very much related with tiny number of premium themes and these are not available for free themes.


You can use premium themes by downloading through different torrent sites but you cannot update and upgrade them. If you go to do so, you have to put the serial key of that theme and that is almost unknown for you. Bu if you but a premium theme, you can get a serial key and you can easily update it when any update will available for your theme.

I think this little bit of knowledge will help you very much.
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