Why Firefox for Android is the Best Tool for Mobile Bloggers

You know that mow a days there are million of bloggers who publish tons of articles in every hour. And I am little bit sure that most of the bloggers manage their blog right from computer. But do you know that there are also so many newbies who do blog from their mobile. In these last three days, my situation is something like that. Though my problem is quite different from other but most of the survivars suffer this either from financial problem or from the restrictions of their parents. it doesn’t matter which kind of problem you have but if you are a mobile blogger, I mean if you are doing blog from your mobile, I would like to say that you should choose the best browser or software for doing your work. And undoubtedly, the Firefox for Android is the best browser or tool for mobile bloggers.


Why Firefox is the best tool for mobile bloggers?

Though there might have so many reasons behind this, today I am goinv to tell you only basic reasons those are attracted by a normal eye.

Its very easy to use:

You know that Firefox is the easiest to use browser that could be handled by every kind of guys. And if you would like to manage your blog from mobile, the UI of your WordPress dashboard will be easier to use.

Hover enabled:

You know that the Android browser is also hover enabled but this facility is not available in other browsers or in WordPress app for Android.But you can get the full facility of this hover effect.

Fill up SEO form:

Yes this browser gives the opportunity to fill up SEO form for each article. This is really very good option which unavailable in other browser and app.

Visual and Text editing:

You know that the WP app for Android does not give the chance to edit an article in Visual mode. But you can easily do everything in both visual and text mode.
I think these points are the most important features aka opportunities for a mobile blogger while it comes to use Firefox.

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