Why You Should Use Facebook Pages Manager in Android [Case Study]

There is no doubt that Facebook is the largest social networking website that you ever seen. There are also some people who think that Facebook ad could give more traffic faster than Google ad service ( Google Adwords). However, that is a different story.
A few couple of days back when Facebook unveiled Facebook Pages Manager which gives more facilities than a normal browser. Facebook page is such a great thing, provided by Facebook to like your blog. There are also some ad networks such like BuySellAds which counts the likes of your Facebook Page in order to check the popularity of your blog in social media world.
A few days ago, one of my friends ( He runs a page to share jokes) told me about the facilities of Facebook Pages Manager for Android. Before that, I used to manage my pages either from default Facebook app for Android or from any other browser (Mainly from Opera). But after hearing some good sights of Facebook Pages Manager, I switched to that from previous method. I have been using it for last 7-8 days and meanwhile I picked out some good as well as bad things of this tool.

Why you should use it instead of a browser?

Actually I love it because it allows you to watch the “Insights” totally. It will aid you to pick out the post that has been seen by the maximum number of people. If you do consider social media marketing then you must have to watch it minutely. As it will help you to find the most seen posts, you can get more visitors by publishing the same type of articles.

Why you shouldn’t use it?

If you are an Android user since last 1-2 months, I am little bit sure that you have heard about battery killer apps. And I would like to say that this application is also a battery killer app like default Facebook app.

So, it will be better to use a battery protector i.e. Du Battery Saver, Easy Battery Saver if you want to use Facebook Pages manager.
That’s all! This is my own view on Facebook Pages Manager. Do share your opinion with us via comment

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