Top 3 Stereo Bluetooth Headset

Today, people can’t imagine life without headset. It doesn’t matter if they are using them for entertainment, work or in both purpose. Headsets make our life easier and more interesting. You can connect them through Bluetooth connection, because wires are on the way. Sometimes, all you need to do is plug your headset in your MP3 or phone and turn off the world. If you are one of those people, stereo headsets are the right choice for you. Stereo headset goes on both of your ears making surround sound and cut you from the rest of the world. One of the best stereo headset that can do exactly that are:


Nokia BH-905 is stereo Bluetooth headset with prefect performance and impressive specification. They are rather massive, but very lightweight. You can wear them all day and your neck won’t hurt a bit. A leather headband and adjustable cushioned earpads are the reason they are so comfortable. They cover your whole ear so any background noises can’t come to you. If it comes, you can just turn the volume up and it is gone. Every music genre sounds perfect with them, Pop, Rock, Classical or Punk, it doesn’t matter. The thing about Bluetooth headset is that usually they have a problem with the bass. Well, this headset doesn’t. Even the battery is very strong, you can listen music up to 15 hours.


Motorola Motorokr s305 is stereo Bluetooth headset that goes around your neck, but behind your head. So, if you pay attention to your hairstyle, this is the right headset for you. Motorokr goes on your ears and it covers them, so they are pretty comfortable. They are hanging at the back of your neck so you’ll forget about them after a while. Sound on this headset is very good, but there is one flaw. You can’t turn the volume up, there aren’t very loud, which is good for your ears, but not for experience of music. The interesting thing about them is that they are water-resistant. Battery life is very good, it is 6 hours of playback time, 6 and a half hours of talk time and 100 hours in standby mode.


Novero Tour is a stereo Bluetooth headset with rather unusual design. People said it reminds them of those headsets that they bought with discman and walkman. You put it in your ear and the earloop goes over your head. It is an adjustable headset for different headsizes, but the earbud aren’t adjustable. Due to that, if earbuds aren’t your size, it probably won’t be comfortable. When you aren’t using them, you can fold them and put aside. Music sound quality is above average, but there is one problem and that is the bass. If you don’t mention bass, which is the most common problem in Bluetooth headsets, the music sounds great. The battery provides 6 hours of talk time and 5 hours of listening to music which is rather good.

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