Able2Extract PDF Converter is Now Available for Mobiles and Tablets

What is Able2Extract?

This big question comes when someone doesn’t know anything about Able2Extract. Actually, this is the ultimate software which you need in order to convert a PDF files in Word document, Powerpoint Presentation, Text, .XLS or anything else which is supported by MS Office package. This software is provided by InvestinTech which is covered by well-performed developers.

Though the desktop version of Able2Extract could be used in more purposes than the mobile version but it is really helpful for them who do not want to spend a cent to buy a premium converter app on their smartphones or tablets. As, this application is completely free of cost, the demand of this app is actually high.

A special thanks to those developers of this app to create such some other apps i.e. Able2Doc Pdf to Word to convert Pdf files in .doc file and more others. In Google Play, this application gets 3.7 which is not so bad and I think this is for its unresolved accommodations. Anyway, I would like to give 4.5 out of 5 as a rating to this app as I have been using it since last one month after getting it as a software review on my another blog.

This tool will actually does it work with the help of your data connection. Whenever, you will run it in order to convert files from PDF to any other format i.e. .pptx, .doc, .txt and .xls or the opposite, it will automatically upload your file on their own server for once. For the confidentiality, your file will automatically erase after giving your converted file.

However, let’s check how to convert a PDF file in other formats using Able2Extract PDF Converter?

[Note:- I am going to show you this on an Android device.]

Atfirst, choose a PDF file which will be converted. Then tap on it to open. Choose Able2Extract to open that file. Then choose the Upload button to upload it. Or it may upload your file automatically.

Hence, you will need to choose the format in which you want to convert your file.

Able2Extract PDF Converter

That’s all! Hope this app will be fruitful for you.

Download:- Able2Extract

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