Top Difficulties of a New Blogger

You know that I have been blogging since past 1 year on various platforms (Mainly on Google Blogger and Self-Hosted WordPress) and meanwhile I have faced /been facing some tribulations since the first day. And I know that there are also so many newbies who are like me (I mean they are also facing problems to do blog.). Some problems are quite small which could be solved within moments. In fact, there are two kind of difficulties i.e. problems from inside your blog and problems from outside of your blog. The first kind of problems do not harass so much when if you are a person who is suffering from the second kind of problems, I am sure that it will be very thorny to troubleshoot.

Though these are very hard to say but anyway let’s check them out:-


Money matters a lot when you want to start a serious blog. Though you can start your blog on any free platform i.e. BlogSpot.Com, WordPress.Com or anything else, but sis you ever see a famous blog on a free CMS? I think, you cannot build a professional blog by making use of any free blogging software or even, you cannot do the same with a free domain name which has an additional extension i.e. (For India) or or anything else like these. If you want to buy a domain, you need money. And for school students, this is little bit different to spend money for domains or server.

A Good Computer with Latest Version of Any OS:

To explain this issue, Money again comes because if you have no computer, you are far away from doing blog in regular basis. A well-featured computer also helps you to write article on various topics.

A Smart Phone:

A smart phone may perhaps aid you in various situations. For example, you can browse internet when you want to get rid of eyestrain. On other end, you can also create articles about smart phone apps.

Internet Connection:

Internet Connection plays the most vital role for bloggers. For my case, I have a computer, smart phone and everything except an internet connection on my PC. My local ISP has been cheating with me for last 2.5 month and that’s why I cannot deal with my blog as it should be done. Now sometime, I use 2G connection on my PC but that sucks because it takes 4-5 minutes to load a page on my 20inch desktop PC. And I guess this problem is the most difficult which could not be solved by spending money.

These are my own 4 problems which have occurred (Been occurring) with me. Feel free do share your problem with us.

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