Wysija Newsletters – A Free Email Marketing Plugin for WordPress

You know that WordPress is the most popular blogging platform which prerequisites a hosting and it possibly will do whatever you want. But only WordPress is not enough to be a established blogger. You would try innumerable plugins, tricks to get most out of your blog. Actually, I never do blogging in a professional way. In fact, VersedTech.Org is the outcome of my different experiments.

However you know that Email Marketing plays a dynamic role for new and pro bloggers when they are using Google Feedburner to hand out their articles among their subscribers. You know that Google Feedburner doesn’t offer so many options like Aweber, Mailchimp or others else. But by making use of Wysija Newsletters plugin, you can give a super power to your regular Feedburner newsletter. You know that something needs some changes to get most out of that and I think Google Feedburner is also one of them which needs a refinement. Wysija Newsletters is also available in Paid version but the free version is almost adequate for a newbie.

Wysija Newsletters also allows you to bring an additional subscribe widget in sidebar or inside articles but I do not recommend it since it will not use Google Feedburner or anything else to give the subscription option to your readers. It rather uses its own feed which let your subscribers get your articles whenever you will hit the Publish button.

Facilities which are available in the Premium Wysija Newsletters Plugin:

  • The free version has only one theme when you can download more themes in paid version.
  • You can track your reader with Google Analytics synchronization.
  • You can also track the click of your subscribers which has been got from the newsletter.
  • The free version allows you to send only 2000 emails when you can send unlimited emails in premium plugin.

Let’s get started with Wysija Newsletters Plugin:-


The installation procedure is almost like other plugins. You can install it either from your WordPress dashboard or by uploading it by any FTP client. After activating it, you will come across to a new tab in your right sidebar menu. <Download this plugin from here.>

Set up:

Hover your mouse over the plugin and go to “Settings” of corresponding plugin. There are 5 tabs which could aid you to set up your newsletter email(Admin) and others. You can choose the sender the name and email. If your blog is really branded and giving some services offline and online, you can also add your address in the “Basic” tab.

As I have mentioned above that this plugin allows you to add a subscription widget, you can create your own (Though options are in-built) subscription form to attract your readers from “Subscription Form” tab.

You know that Google Feedburner sends a confirmation email to that person who has just subscribed your blog and Wysija plugin does the same. You can also decorate this messaginstantly right from the “Signup Confirmation” tab.

In this way, you can totally create, decorate and make changes of this plugin appearance.

Before sending an email campaign, you will need to import your Feedburner subscribers. Follow the following steps to do so.

At first sign in to your Google Feedburner account and navigate to the following arena after selecting your feed;

Publicize >> Email Subscriptions >> View Subscriber Details Export : CSV

Hence, come back to your WordPress dashboard and go to “Subscribers” tab under that plugin. Click the button that says “Import” and upload the file which you have just downloaded from your Feedburner account.

Now you have done!

Send your first campaign:

Go to “Newsletters” tab under that plugin and press “Create a new email” button. The following screen will ask you the “Subject Line” of your email newsletter and the list of your email IDs. Select them and for forward.

After that, you can decorate your newsletter as your wish. Do it and step ahead.

There is an option which will help you to get a preview of your newsletter before sending it to your subscribers. I would recommend you to do it before sending your first newsletter. Otherwise, you can also subscribe our daily newsletter to come to know how we decorate our newsletters to attract our readers.

I think, this is the complete guide of Wysija Newsletters plugin and I am sure that you are thinking to get started with it right now. Keep blogging.

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