How to Upload Entire Photo to Instagram from Android without Cropping

If you are a user of Instagram for at least 1 day, I am sure that you have noticed the restriction of this photo sharing service. Instagram doesn’t allow you to upload any photo which is not a square in dimension. And today I want to repeat it. But if you follow this article, you could easily upload entire photo to Instagram from Android without any cropping.

You know that there is no camera which captures a square image. Each camera takes a photo in rectangle size. But suppose, you have captured some photos and want to upload them in Instagram. But for that, your photos require a “Crop” before uploading via Instagram app for Android. To avoid this cropping, you can change the client of Instagram.


It Appears in Instagram

How to upload entire photo to Instagram from Android without cropping?

Meet Instasize which is a free version Android app and it works like an Instagram client. You do not need to crop your pictures before uploading to this store. All features which are rocking Instagram, are available in this app.

Upload Entire Photo to Instagram

Actually, this application automatically resizes your photo before uploading and it gives either black or white background. There are also so many options in this tool by which you can give a unique effect to your pictures. <Check my this and this picture which were uploaded via Instagram and Instasize respectively.>

I guess this little info will help you a lot to upload entire photo to Instagram from your favorite Android device.

You can use #NoCrop in iPhone. It does almost the same thing.

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