Advance Mobile Care 3.0 Gets over 1.8Million Downloads [Review]

Advance Mobile Care 3.0 is such a good mobile specialist that would do everything that someone needs. It is a compact version of Task Killer, Battery Saver, Anti-Theft, Backup and much more. I mean you can do everything that I have mentioned here through Advance Mobile care. It is absolutely free of cost and available for most of the advanced phones i.e. Nexus 7, Nexus 10, Galaxy Note and more others. If you are talking about the security, battery saver, task killer then this application would always be the best choice for Android users.

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Key Features of Advance Mobile Care:-

Actually this application is separated in four different parts i.e. System Scanner, Game Speeder, Privacy Consultant and Cloud backup.

Mobile Antivirus:

It does a full scan by just pressing one button. You can either open the Scan interface from the tool or you can also use the Widget to do the same thing faster. After a complete scan, you will come across to a screen something like the following picture;

Just press the Repair button to clean them up. In this scan, it will check Junk Files, Malware, Running Tasks and Apps Cache.

Game Speeder:

Game Speeder lets you run your additional games without any uproar. You can get a better experience with your games by making use of this tool.

Privacy Consultant:

Privacy Consultant tab includes App Manager, Battery Saver, Task Killer, Privacy Advisor, Privacy Locker and Anti-Theft. Each option does what it says and every tab has a powerful option those might be helpful for your phone. The App Manager tab is really useful which gives you every kind opportunity to do anything with your installed apps. You can manage them effectively.

Advance Mobile Care

The Anti-Theft option is another thing that will aid you to get back your lost phone. For that, you lost should have Advance Mobile Care. By making use of it, you can claim your mobile within minutes.

Advance Mobile Care

Cloud Backup:

You will need an account signup to create backup of your files. Suppose, you have been using Samsung Galaxy S3 and now want to use S4. There is no need to get your files again from external device when the Cloud Backup service is there. You can easily restore your files right from this application.

Though it has tons of options, it is not yet possible to mention them all in one article. But I hope you get some useful inside it. So, keep using Advance Mobile Care.

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