PhotoGrid – The Best Photo Collage Maker for Android

You know that Image Sharing Is The Best Thing which can be done at anytime with any kind of picture. You can easily upload your favorite photos in Instagram or Facebook or anywhere. For that, you can either use any client or the web version is almost there. That is however a different story but not totally since collage makers are quite similar with photo album on Facebook or Google Plus.

To do so, there are tons of apps for computers alike for smart phones. But when it comes to Android it becomes very informal because there are so many applications for forming a collage. And today I am also going to introduce one of them which will aid you to join multiple images into one within moments.

When can I use this kind of apps?

Suppose, you want to share multiple images with your friends but your data connection is not yet so goo to send those high quality pictures. At this kind of situations, you can try a collage maker to merge all those pictures into one. It will be very gorgeous in looking and less memory than all those pictures.

As this kind of apps allow you to create collage in different pixel, you can easily create pictures for Instagram, Facebook or for anything else. There is no limitation.

Introducing PhotoGrid (What you can do with it?):-

Just like other apps, you can create collage in various pixels i.e. Grid HD, Free HD, High, Single HD, Wide and much more with PhotoGrid. You can choose anything but your result will be a square since the default mode is square.

This tool has not so other options except selection and give effects. So, let’s get started with selection. Select any kind of pixels and choose images.

Go forward and select a layout. You would get different by shaking. So, shake your phone to get different layouts which will contain your selected pictures. Then give other effects and save it.

That’s all! Hope this application could help you very much.


PhotoGrid is also available for iOS and Windows Phones.

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