My Tracks – Record All Geographic and Velocity Statistics

You know that GPS, short of Global Positioning System is one of the best features that a smart phone should have. But the default tool doesn’t record entire tracks that you have been passing. There might have so many methods to save all those tracks in order to share that with anyone. You can place that saved files in SD card or Google Drive. You can also play that file if you have installed Google Earth in your Android device.

When you should record all statistics?

Suppose, you have been passing from a road that your friend or any relative doesn’t know and you want to give complete specifics of that track to that person. What you would love to do in this situation? Do you want to use a notebook and pencil? I am sure that you will use a smart gadget in this modern generation. But on other end, the default app doesn’t allow you to record your tracks. At this moment, you can use this application.

Meet My Tracks that would record everything. Just overlook the default GPS application and use My Tracks rather than that. It will save anything i.e. Map, Speed, Elevation, Distance, Avg. Speed, Max. Speed and much more. Therefore, you can save it.

How to record and share all geographic statistics using My Tracks?

After opening it in your device, just press the record button.

Then go to anywhere and do anything else. All things will be recorded through this app. After doing all, stop your recording to get every option to save that file.

That’s it! I am sure that this tool will help you a lot.

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