Control Music App When Your Screen is locked using Simply Lockscreen

There is no doubt that the in-built Android music app is far better than any third party application but it becomes little bit time spender and hazardous when it comes to change the song after ending of each clip. I am music lover (Though not like you) and after being a music lover I always spend 2-3 seconds to change the song on ending of previous song since I do not have a preference to listen songs in a list. I am quite sure that there are also so many guys who are just like me and they also do not create list. At this time, if you want to change the volume, you can easily press the volume button when it is difficult to change the song.

To get rid of this problem, today I am going to introduce an application that would solve your problem within moments. You can also use any music player such as Poweramp which does same as today’s tool. But the problem comes when someone doesn’t like to use any third party tool instead of in-built music app. Anyway, you can also solve the issue by making use of Simply Lockscreen which is such an app that could control your in-built music app when your screen is locked.

Simply Lockscreen will embed some additional widgets in your lockscreen. It could add Clock, Volume Slider to adjust volume, Custom Status bar, Date, Alarm, Weather, Player and much more. You ca access all those mentioned features right from your device lockscreen.

How to use Simply Lockscreen?

This is however very easy. Just install it in your Android device and open it. After that, select widgets that you would add in your lockscreen.

Simply Lockscreen

Choose Widgets That You Want to Add in LockScreen

Hence, your default lock screen will be changed as follows;

Simply Lockscreen

That’s it! I am sure that this application will help you a lot.

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