How to Open Any File or Folder on Startup of Windows 8

You know that Windows 8 is one of the Windows operating systems that Microsoft has ever launched. Its being popular since the release date of Consumer Preview of Windows 8. Though Startup applications might increase the time of Windows startup but sometime comes when we need to open a bunch of software, file or folder on startup to do something urgently. It spends also some valuable times on each startup in order to open any file or folder on startup.

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MS-CONFIG is such an arena that would help you enable or disable pre-added programs. But it doesn’t allow anyone to add additional things such like file, folder or anything else. Instead of opening some specific file or folders on every startup, you can make use of this tutorial that will help you to open any file or folder on startup on Windows 8.

In this tutorial we will not use any third party tool. We will rather use an in-built command to do so.

How to open any file or folder on startup?

Open your Run prompt (Press Win + R) and type as follows;

shell:common startup

Then you can either create a new folder or you can add any other file or folder by dragging & dropping method.

Open Any File or Folder on Startup of Windows 8

That’s it! To test whether you have done correctly or not, you can do a restart.

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