How to Zoom in Photo on Mouse Hover in Twitter

Google Chrome is the brilliant web browser that all their extensions proof that instantly. You can do whatever you want. Generally, people us mouse to select something on the webpage or click on any link. But do you ever think that you can also zoom in photo on mouse hover in Twitter which is another great social networking website that could bring tons of traffic for your blog?

If you are looking for a trick which could zoom in or out a photo in WordPress or Google Blogger, you can get hundred plus one tutorial when if you will make search for an extension or add-on (Called in Firefox), you will get only a few couple of tools for that. But the searching procedure will be much difficult.

Sometimes when you want to copy an image from twitter, you will need to zoom in that picture to get a better result. But you will get a low quality image after zooming in. at such like a situation, you can easily make use of this Chrome extension that would solve this issue.

How to zoom in photo on mouse hover in Twitter?

Meet Photo Zoom for Twitter which is the perfect extension to zoom in photo. This extension will be working only on Twitter. Just add it in your Chrome browser and go to Twitter. Select an image and hover your mouse on it.

That exact image will be zoom in at one corner i.e. left or right of your screen.

Zoom in Photo on Mouse Hover in Twitter

That’s all! I hope this extension will be accommodating for you.

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