How to Create Password Protected Self-Destructing Message Online

You know that you can find the effect of hacking anywhere you go and you should be careful in order to protect your privacy strictly. You should always use two step authentication (Where available), strong password and more other techniques. Though Android has already caught the mobile market but it has a disadvantage. I didn’t find any in-built password protector for messages in Android. [You can use Remember It to protect your device.]

There are also so many services which work online as well as offline. But I would like to say that online password protection apps are much better than offline one. And that’s why today I am going to introduce an online encrypted message producer.

You can easily create password protected self-destructing message with the help of this encryption tool. Your message will be deleted after just seeing once. You can send any kind of message to your friends since it is trustworthy and recommended by other trusted brands i.e. MakeUseOf.

How to create password protected self-destructing message?

Though there are so many tools but today I am going to show you only one that is known as NoteDIP. To get started with it, go to the homepage of NoteDIP. Then, you can find a screen something like the following picture;

Write down your message. Enter an email ID where you will get a notification when your message will be viewed. Enter a password (Use strong and unique password). At last press the Clear Note button.

After that, they will provide a link which can be shared with anyone. The link will be looking like following url;


Share that link with your friends and give him /her password. Then he /she will find a screen something like the following image.

Create Password Protected Self-Destructing Message


That’s it! Hope this encryption tool will help you a lot.

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