How to Change the Number of Files in Firefox’s Download Panel

You know that Firefox 21 improved some features i.e. Download Panel. Now you can easily check your recent downloaded files (Current Season) from the URL bar in the latest version of Mozilla Firefox. But it shows only three (3) downloaded files (Or file that is being downloaded) in your system.

You know that Firefox is a brilliant web browser for both Desktop and Android and there are thousands of add-ons in the Firefox Add-On directory.

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Why you need to increase this file limit?

Though there is no indispensable reason for that you should increase the number of file in Firefox’s download panel but if you are downloading more than three files and want to check all of them right from your browser, you can change the number of files in Firefox’s download panel. Instead of opening the library for checking downloaded files, you can make use of this extension to do so.

How to change the number of files in Firefox’s download panel?

This is very easy and you and also do it from “about:config” arena. But apart from using that, you can use this add-on which is known as Download Panel Tweaks. Just add it in your browser and after that you can get more than three files in Firefox’s download panel.

You can also tweak this this looks from the options of this add-on. You can navigate to the following arena;

Firefox >> Add-ons >> Options of Download Panel Tweaks

Here you will find some settings like the following snap;

Change the Number of Files in Firefox’s Download Panel

That’s it! Hope this add-on will help you a lot.

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