Check All Details of a Domain using DomainHostingView [NirSoft Tool]

You know that when a domain is running – I mean when someone is using a domain, he s/he have to host that domain in order to run that. You can host your domain on Google Blogger or you can buy hosting from different hosting provider i.e. Hostgator, GoDaddy, Knowhost etc.

Check domain info – Why?

It is ok that you have been blogging on your own domain – I mean you have bought a domain on your own. But if you are going to buy a domain from any company or any people whom you don’t know, you must have to check a few things i.e. whether that domain is blacklisted or not, if that was running previously then what kind of article had been published from that domain and much more.

On other end, WHOIS is another thing that illustrates every details of a particular domain. In order to check that, you can use various online tools or here is another solution to check the same. You can use WHOIS.NET which is a trustworthy web tool that will provide those details.

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Check details using DomainHostingView:-

DomainHostingView is such a portable Windows software that lets you get all information about a domain. The following things that you will get from this tool;

  • Domain provider
  • Hosting
  • Domain Name Server (DNS)
  • Domain registered date
  • Web server string
  • Web server IP Address info
  • Mail server IP address info
  • Name Server IP address

Just download the software from the link provided below and run it in your machine. Hence, you will have to enter a domain name to get the following screen.

The above window will show you every details what I have mentioned above. That’s it! Hope this tool would help you a lot.

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