How to Disable Internet Options in IE 10 using Group Policy Editor

You know that Internet Explorer could be controlled by Internet Options page. Anyone can open this settings arena either from Control Panel or from Internet Explorer. This is not a difficult task to change anything from this arena. All your default settings can be disclosed from this page.

Generally, Internet Options page comes with 7 tabs and those are General, Security, Privacy, Content, Connections, Programs and Advanced. Though the General tab has not so important setting but all other tabs have so. For example, anyone can change the security level and spread malicious things in your computer. The Advanced tab is the most valuable tab among all. You can enable or disable downloads, show or hide pictures to load pages faster, Enable or Disable DOM storage, Enable or Disable Script debugging and so on. So, if you are thinking that you might fall in trouble for this, you can easily use this tactic to disable Internet Options.

This trick is smoothly working on Internet Explorer 10 that is running on Windows 8 Pro with Media Center. I don’t know whether it will be working on other versions of IE or not. Today I will use Group Policy Editor that is almost in your PC. So, it will not be so time spender.

How to disable Internet Options in IE 10?

As I have told you, open your Group Policy Editor and navigate to the following arena;

User Configuration >> Administrative Templates >> Windows Components >> Internet Explorer >> Internet Control Panel

In you right hand side, you can find some rules like Disable the Advanced Page, Disable the Connections page and more others. There is mainly two options on your hand. You can either disable Internet Options entirely or the important one i.e. Advanced Tab or Privacy tab. If you choose the first method, you will have to make the settings Enabled of all rules. Or if you will choose the second method, you have to Enable particular rules.

Disable Internet Options

After doing all, you will get the effect of changing those settings. But if you face any problem, you will need to re-sign in to your system.

Disable Internet Options

That’s all! Thanks How to Geek

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