Open Links in Google Chrome from Mozilla Firefox [Firefox Add-on]

Mozilla Firefox is a great browser and there is doubt that Google Chrome is another brilliant web browser for PC and phone. By ignoring that comparison, today I am going to introduce you an add-on that let you open links in Google Chrome from Mozilla Firefox. You know that there are so many add-ons in Mozilla Add-on store and most of them are really helpful. For instance, you can lock down your bookmarks, downloads and add-ons with another add-on and more others. Anyway, that is a different story.

When you can use this add-on?

Suppose, you are browsing using Firefox since past few minutes and you have opened a lot of tabs and now you cannot find the exact tab that you need. In further, you also don’t want to open any more tabs in Firefox when you want to read something. At this kind of situations, you can use this add-on instead of running a url copy-paste technique. In fact, it will take more time than usual.

How to open links in Google Chrome from Mozilla Firefox?

This is however pretty easy to do. Here is an add-on that is called Open in Chrome. After adding it in your browser, just select a link that you want to open in Chrome and right click on that to select Open Link in Google Chrome.

That’s all! It has also a little settings where from you can select hotkeys, migration behavior and the place where do you want to show the option.

Open Links in Google Chrome from Mozilla Firefox

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Download:- Open in Chrome

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