How to Exclude a Particular App from Windows 8 Search

Windows 8 is such a great operating system that came with some new features and those are unavailable in other operating systems. Though you can get some of them in Windows 7 and Vista by making use of third party tools but the experience will not be so good. The Metro user interface is one of the best features among the “new features” list which attracts me a lot and I hope there are also so many people who love it very much. Today my script will help you to exclude a particular app from Windows 8 search which is also a new feature in Windows operating system. You can press Win + F or Win + Q in any OS but the result will be nothing.

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But you know that all default features are not yet good for everyone and if you are thinking to exclude some apps from that search engine, you can follow this tutorial. Suppose, you have made a search for “google” and you know that you will get any result at the end of “Sports”, “Travel” or “Photos”. So, it will be better to turn them off permanently to get rid of garbage.

To exclude a particular app from Windows 8 search, you don’t have to install any third party tool since the option is almost there. You just need to make a change.

How to exclude a particular app from Windows 8 search?

Press Win + I and go to Change PC Settings. Then navigate to Search from the left pane and press the Off button according to your choice.

Exclude a Particular App from Windows 8 Search

That’s it! Now you cannot find those apps in Windows 8 search.

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