Basic guide to create a SEO friendly image for your Blog

SEO is a huge matter and to write a SEO friendly article, you must have to follow so many steps. But after the last panda update, several bloggers are saying that “Write For Your Readers, Not For SEO”. And I appreciate this quote. There are a few problems and restrictions to write a complete SEO friendly article. A few steps are must to follow before hitting the publish button. Your writing quality may be decreased. This is the main reason behind my clench of that above quote.

However, you must have to add a (SEO friendly) image. There are various reasons which proof that you must do so.

  • Suppose, your niche is “Computer Tricks, Web Apps” etc. If you have written a post on a software with a image, it will help you to rely that “This trick is working”.
  • There are also so many people who always try to find some attractive images from Google Image search, Flickr or from anywhere else. If your image is SEO friendly as well as prepossessing, you can get a few visitors for your blog.
  • Visual effect always attracts readers.

Let me define the secret behind “Create A SEO Friendly Image”

Honestly, there is no top secret. At first I want to tell you an important thing that Google Crawler can’t crawl your image(s). That’s why, you must have to care these following points.

  • Try to upload images in .jpg (.jpeg) or .png format.
  • Write a title for every image. Your title must have your main keyword or keyphrase. Don’t add any image with these type of names, “untitles.jpg” or “1.jpg” or “abcd.png”.
  • Write your title like “seo friendly image” or “seo-friendly-image” or “seo_friendly_image”.
  • You can add a caption. This is optional.
  • The next step is, you must add a alt text (tag) to every pictures. Your alt text must have your keyword or keyphrase.
  • Description is the next and final step. This is one of the most important thing. Though Google Crawler can’t crawl images, you must have to write a small description for your images.
  • Don’t try to copy images from other blog which is copyright protected. You blog may be exploded from Google.
  • Don’t use Google Image search pictures. You also can’t use them by capturing method.

I think these points will be very much helpful for you.

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