Top 3 Free and Light-Weight Windows Photo Editing Software for Beginners

Though there are so many free and paid photo editing software that could help you to grow up yourself as a photo designer but choosing the best tool is pretty much threatening. But today I will help you to pick something out easily by giving some little info about three full-featured photo editing software those are free of cost and could be grabbed effortlessly from the web.

Photo editing is a brilliant job that can grab more and more traffic for your weblog since a photo fascinates most of the visitors. This is my second dream to be a photo designer and use self-made attractive and related photo in my articles instead of using Flickr or other photo storages. However, if you are thinking to start your photo designing study, you may give these tools a try.

I used to try them when I started editing a photo for my posts (Now I am using GIMP 2 and sometimes PhotoShop CS6). But both of them taught me how to start and where to start photo editing. They all have not so options but still you can make use of them. These tools will not waste your time.

Top 3 free photo editing software:

1. In-Built Paint:

You are thinking that I am joking with you but believe me, it is one of the best photo editing tool for beginners that helps you to learn the basic of photo editing. You can crop images, write anything etc. there is no need to buy this software since this is a built-in tool in Windows operating system. The paint of Windows 7 and Windows 8 are little bit same. You can use anyone of them.

2. Picasa:

Picasa is produced by Google Inc. You can use the Picasa storage as a CDN when this is also possible to edit photos offline with the Picasa software for Windows. This software is available for Windows 7/XP/Vista but you can also use it in Windows 8 (Use it at your own risk). It comes with a higher quality of editing features than the Paint.

Top 3 free photo editing software

You can add various effects in your pictures by Picasa.

3. Snagit:

This is my most favorite photo editing and screen capturing tool. I have been using it for a long time. It comes with a great photo editor where from you can add some beautiful effects. This is available for both Windows and Mac. It requires Internet Explorer 8.0 or above and .NET 4.0 if you use it in Windows. If you will use it in Mac, you need 10.6.8 (Snow Leopard) or 10.7 (Lion) or above.

You can use it as 30 days trail pack and after that you have to buy it by spending only $49.95. in the premium pack, it helps you to add more features i.e. arrows, stamps etc.

Download:- Snagit

You can try all of them right now. So, just download and start to use. Hope these tools would help you a lot.

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