How to Install Chrome Extensions in Opera

Everyone can install Chrome extensions from Chrome Web Store in Google Chrome. Everyone can install Firefox add-on in Mozilla Firefox browser. But can everyone install Chrome extensions in Opera browser? Is it really possible? Yes! Its 100% possible with the help of an Opera add-on. Previously I brought up with the trick to install Opera add-ons in Google Chrome and today I am going to show you the reverse thing.

I know that you have a lot of awareness on Chrome extensions those may perhaps do whatever a guy desires. But using them on a different browser such like Opera is really more thought-provoking. Always I have a passion to do something in a different way and that’s why today I am going to use and apparently install Chrome extensions in Opera.

Actually this is very easy. You just have to install an Opera add-on that lets you do the above mentioned thing. Alike vice versa method, there is no need to download them and then again upload those in Chrome extension gallery since the add-on is there.

How to install Chrome extensions in Opera?

Meet and add Download Chrome Extension add-on from the link provided below and go to Chrome web store. Note:- You cannot install apps or themes in Opera. It just supports extensions.

You will get a different option from the regular add button. Just press the ADD TO OPERA button.

You might get the above picture during activation. But don’t’ worry.

Install Chrome Extensions in Opera

That’s all! Now enjoy with Chrome extensions on Opera.

Hope this tutorial would help you a lot. Do consider sharing if you find it useful.

Download:- Download Chrome Extension (Opera Add-on Gallery)

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