How to Disable Tailor Twitter Based on Your Recent Website Visit

A few days back, Twitter unveiled a new feature that lets you show related Twitter accounts to follow and this is called Tailor Twitter.

How does Tailor Twitter work?

Suppose you have visited on Versed Tech and Versed Tech has an official Twitter button to get followers. The trick is here. If you visit Twitter after Versed Tech, you will get some suggestions to follow those based on my website niche (here it is technology). This entire process is known as Tailor Twitter.

This is a brilliant feature of Twitter but this is very exasperating when you don’t want to follow other tech niche sites. Assume that you want to follow some people who are from sports or fashion niche but Twitter will show you all people from Tech based sites. At this kind of situation, you could disable Tailor Twitter feature which is very easy.

How to disable Tailor Twitter?

This is however pretty simple. Just sign in to your Twitter account and go to Account Settings. Pick out the option that says Tailor Twitter based on my recent websites visits and uncheck that.

Therefore, you have to make sure your changes.

That’s it! It might take a few days to take action.

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