Get Popup Notification for Incoming Messages with SMS Popup

This is a common matter that SMS can hash out on every mobile phone but there are various methods to check them out. Generally, most of the people open Messages >> Inbox to get access over messages. Or some people check SMS from notification bar and so on. But here is another method that would help you to get popup notification for incoming messages in your Android device.

SMS popup is such a great application that will help you to access your inbox right from anywhere. You can easily check messages from particular popup. Though you can select which option will come out with the popup but I suggest you to add Reply button.

Key features:

  • Popup notification for incoming messages
  • On-screen Reply, Delete and Close button
  • Text to Speech option
  • LED light customization for notification
  • Screen timeout selection
  • Quick reply signature
  • Delivery reports
  • Custom notification setup for each contact
  • Preset texts

How to setup SMS Popup?

It comes with four main primary options e.g. Enable SMS Popup, Notifications, Additional Settings and Preset Messages.

SMS Popup

The first option, Enable SMS Popup will activate or deactivate this app on your phone. There is no other feature inside this.

From the second option you can customize your notification to be appeared for all contacts or particular contact. In the Default Notification tab, you can show or hide popup, notification or top menu bar, notification sound, notification icon etc. As said above, you can also change the LED light color and reminders.

From Additional Settings page, you can configure button, enable or disable Quick Reply, Quick Reply Signature, Delivery Reports, Screen Timeout, Privacy settings etc.

The next and last tab is known as Preset Messages where you can write your common messages i.e. Good Morning, Have a nice day etc.

According to me, SMS Popup is a great app. You can access your messages when you are very busy and have not yet so much time to check inbox under Messages. But if discloses your personal over your friends if your friend I doing something with your mobile. So, be aware.

Download SMS Popup:- Free Version | Donation Version

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