Floating Touch – A Floating Icon to Use Multiple Features [Android App]

There are so many apps for floating icons on other mobiles when you have to install some third party apps like Floating Touch from Google Play. Still it is not yet so tough to get an app for any reason on Google Play but choosing the best app is more difficult than that. But I have been using Floating Touch for a while now and there is no doubt that it is good even better enough than any other apps which do the same. It is absolutely free of cost when you can get more features in the pro version (Which costs only $2).

You can add any installed application and other in-built features in this extended circle that belongs to Floating Touch.

What can you add in this app?

  • Volume up
  • Volume down
  • Lock button
  • Home screen
  • Memory cleaner
  • Menu (Root requires)
  • Back (Root requires)
  • Recent application
  • Flashlight
  • Brightness
  • Rotation
  • Bluetooth
  • APN
  • WiFi
  • GPS
  • RingMode
  • Airplane Mode
  • Any Installed Apps & Games

Floating Touch

Make use of Floating Touch:

This is however not yet so difficult to use. To add a new a feature or menu in this app, just open it and navigate to Custom tab and press the plus button. Therefore you have to select any apps or games or anything else.

Floating Touch

There is a tab which is called Point where from you can change the icon style, Size and transparency. From Panel tab, you can change the color of this circle.


How to install Floating Touch?

App un-installation doesn’t require any expert knowledge but you might face problems to uninstall this particular app. But don’t worry. Just go to Settings >> Security >> Device Administrator and uncheck this app. Now you can uninstall it in a regular method.

Download:- Floating Touch (Google Play)

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