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You know that previously I told about the effect of choosing a font and today I am going to give you some tips those may perhaps help you to manage your installed fonts in your Windows PC. By default Windows gives a tons of fonts which could be uninstalled from Fonts arena inside your Control Panel. Yet I have introduced so many windows apps, add-ons or extensions to detect fonts, today you can learn how to choose a font for your project.

Suppose, you have a project to be finished with a font that gives the best look. You cannot choose one font after just seeing or hearing the name. You have to use that for a few while before picking out. You can do so with paint or MS Word or any other text editors. If you have really tried this method, I think there is nothing to say about the spending time. Isn’t it? You must expend a lot of time to check all fonts with a custom text. But if you use NexusFont, it will be easier or even easiest method. You don’t have to pay even more than 15 minutes.

NexusFont made it easy to manage all fonts in your system. You can use your fonts with custom text at once. It also offers you to export a custom text as .png, .jpg or .gif format to share that with anyone. If you want to print your text after adding a new font, you can do so. The Print option is almost there.

You can manage your fonts with tags. That means whenever you need a group of fonts, you just have to select a tag. The Import/Export option does what it says. If you have previously taken a backup of your settings, now you can import that under Tools tab. You can also separate Open Type font and True Type fonts.

There are also so many settings those might be missed by you if you don’t give NexusFont a try. Hope it would help you.

Download:- NexusFont

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