Add Connectivity Shortcuts on Your Windows Phone Home Screen

You know that Windows Phone is really reliable since it comes from some trustworthy companies. The Operating System is being developed by Microsoft and phones are being launched by Nokia, HTC etc. So, there is nothing to worry with a Windows mobile in terms of software availability and phone accessibility. Most of the Windows Phones have all kind of connectivity features i.e. GPS, Wi-Fi, GPRS (Most common and available on 90% mobiles) and so on. You can access them right from your “Settings” page after one by one.

It will be much time spender when you have to access GPS and Wi-Fi simultaneously.  In order to activate them both, you have to go to main Settings at first and then go to both of corresponding settings. But if you use a third party app i.e. ConnectivityShortcuts, your task will be much easier. You can add 4 tiles at one time and all of them will be working as “Live Tile”/”Real Time”.

Meet ConnectivityShortcuts:

After opening it, you can find some tiles like the following picture;

Add Connectivity Shortcuts

It comes with only a few options by which you can change Icon style, Phone Accent Color etc.

Add Connectivity Shortcuts

To do something with this app (Activate/Deactivate any connection), just tap on anyone and you will get the option. For more reference, check the following snap.

Add Connectivity Shortcuts

That’s it! Hope it will save your time effectively.

Note:- I have tried it on a Windows Phone 8 and don’t know whether it will be compatible with other versions or not except WP 8 and WP 7.5.

Download:- ConnectivityShortcuts (Windows Phone Store)

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