Why Does Websites Like Ubuntuforum.org Get Hacked

Ubuntuforums.org is a famous forum based website which stands higher in Alexa ranking. This websites is the trusted forum for all ubuntu users, specially those who are new ubuntu users. Today the web site has got hacked and is now under maintenance.

Here we discuss about some important possible reasons behind a site get hacked, applicable for ubuntuforums.org also.

A Homescreen Picture of Ubuntuforums.org in hacked condition
  1. Hosting provider company provides a certain level of security from getting a site hacked. But a website owner should be careful enough for paying attention on extra security.
  2. As a forum site there is always a chance of getting attack via commenting procedure. As comments is the medium communication between web-admin and readers, so, to prevent hacking, must validate form input before accepting any comment.
  3. Use of third-party script is always harmful as far as security of a website is concerned. If someone put unusual scripts and the admin of a website approves that without understanding, might create danger for his website like ubuntuforums.org.
  4. Use of generic username such as ‘admin’, ‘administrator’ can make the job easier to hacker. I think as there are more than one comment moderator for ubuntuforums, someone of them probably have been using such common admin log-in credential. Use of strong passwords is of course also necessary. Never use any insecure passwords
  5. Don’t give ‘777’ CHMOD permission to a file of your website’s public html folder. One can use ‘644’ for better security.
  6. An admin of a website should clear the cache and cookies of browser before leaving it. Otherwise chances of getting hacked increase by 400%.

Important tips: This forum like websites should use SSL security certificate to ensure more security.

Instruction for the users: Immediately change the password of the services like emails those are used to access ubuntuforums.org.

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